Scenes From Yells At Eels' Afternoon Flash Mob

Yells at Eels at the West End DART station
As I strolled down Pacific around lunch time today, I found myself in a strange state of aural disorientation. See, I was waiting for trio Yells At Eels to show up at the West End DART station, which is where I heard they might be starting their "guerrilla" concert series, as part of today's Living Plaza event.

I sat and took in the sounds I never get to hear, because I'm usually in an office, feverishly eating over my desk at that hour: The deep cough of the trains as they passed, the empty clank of construction across the street, the church bells signaling another hour has passed, the conversations that come and go with that hour ("Girl, you better start eating more vegetables or something. Your bones are gonna snap in half."). Thirty minutes or so passed, and every once in a while, those sounds merged and I thought I heard Yells At Eels.

About 15 minutes later, a train stopped in front of where I was sitting, and then, just like in some sappy rom-com, it moved forward, and suddenly there was Yells At Eels set up on the sidewalk across the street. I started to run towards them, and was nearly hit by a bus. They played for only five minutes or so, this being a guerrilla event and all. One cop looking on casually remarked, "Where's the beer?"

The Gonzalez trio then went on to flash mob the Winspear Opera House, and possibly another DART station, before ending up at City Hall. Check out some more photos of their lovely little afternoon of cultural mischief.

Mobbin' the Winspear


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Yells at Eels sound like the sweet dewy glistening glow of a thousand puppies breaths! 

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