Van Halen Postpones Handful of Concert Dates: Dallas Is Still On, Though

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Better grab tickets for Van Halen's June 20 show at the American Airlines Center while you still can. The band's North American tour just got significantly lighter.

Turns out the group (David Lee Roth'll be on hand for the Dallas) has postponed 30 or so concert dates after June 26, which means the nearly sold-out Dallas show might be the last time you hear "Panama" live for a while. Why, officially, is the band postponing? It's unclear. Rolling Stone reported the band's shows are selling pretty well, and Van Halen's website shows their Dallas gig is "sold out," though Ticketmaster shows there are tickets left. Rolling Stone, however, has a source that seems to make it clearer: Van Halen pretty much hates each other, and "The band is arguing like mad."

So, it's not you, it's them. As of right now, their Texas shows are the last of the year. Pony up, huh?

Update: 4:54 p.m: Over on Van Halen News Desk, a post attempts to settle the score between the band and Rolling Stone:

First off, no one in the band is sick. No health problems.

Second, we knew right away that Rolling Stone's "source" is completely wrong, and can not possibly be a person with actual inside knowledge of the tour, because all four band members have been getting along splendidly throughout the entire tour.

The dates, following the Dallas show, are due to be rescheduled says VHND.

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Jay Googer
Jay Googer

Hope Jane McGarrity has a designated driver that night...

Charles Mayer
Charles Mayer

if its not personal then maybe they' re just wearing out early.....who knows..


"From out of the trees and onto their it's Van Halen! Diamond Dave main mouth piece for me and you on KTXQ, Q102, Fort Worth-Dallas!"

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