The Overserved Kindly Requests: Dallas, Please Be Wild

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This guy had a pink light saber and cowboy hat at Rio Room
I have been thinking about you, Dallas. Every week, I am at your parties, eavesdropping on your conversations. And every week, I get to share with you some tidbit, some moment caught between drinks, which reveals a little more about who you are and what you are up to. It's not big news, but last weekend was the perfect example of how a late-night party, a sold-out concert and a drink between friends improves this city.

Maybe, like me, you started out on Thursday with Todd Barry's hilarious set at Sons of Herman Hall, before quick-changing into your finest pink threads for Rio Room's Pink Party with Brazilian beat-makers The Twelves. Rio's navigable club makes it easy to truly observe the legendary DJs Rio keeps bringing in, but Thursday, The Twelves were nearly overshadowed by the chance to party with a Stormtrooper, who was making his way through the crowd, possibly out celebrating Dallas promoter Matthew Giese's birthday. Rose-colored indeed, the dance floor was crowded early as The Twelves brought their special play of remixed improv to the decks.

Maybe on Friday you trekked down to WAAS Gallery for the Jonathan Ramirez exhibit. Borrowing themes from comic book culture and magical realism, WAAS' opening party was one of those great nights where the crowd didn't already know each other. Since everyone was an outsider, no one was an outsider.

Stormtrooper on the dance floor!
Very early Sunday morning, maybe you found yourself at an after-party in the backyard of a stranger's home. Taking in the scene, I remarked, "Shit, this looks like a 35 Denton video." Bonfires are not the norm within city limits, but this shindig, complete with a band, fire, DJs and hot tubs, gave me hope there are still strange people doing strange things in surprising places.

M83 sold out both their Saturday and Sunday performance at the Granada well in advance, and seeing the "this church is my city" refrain from their hit "Midnight City" on various social media sites got repetitious to the point of cliché, but when they played the song, the crowd went wild. Like, actually wild.

That, sugars, is what I have been thinking about, as I endeavor to take seriously this new assignment to report back to you the whos and whats and whens of this town after 5 P.M. But what of the why? Dallas, I beg you, be wild. A wild night, be it at the Granada or in the parking lot of an emerging gallery, is what makes this city pulse.

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Hulon Pate
Hulon Pate

Well speaking of wild times this weekend.  How bout the fact the Maceo Plex ,aka  Maetrik former Dallas resident who has made his way back state side for a U.S. tour that kicked off in Texas.  

Eric Estornel. Who used to be a  local to Dallas. With a success story of Godzilla like proportions.  He has done the Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 in 2011. Which is the most important global DJ mix show in the world. He and his music have also been featured on Pete Tongs own radio show. He was also on the cover of one of the biggest magazines sold around the world DJ (Uk)  .  The fact the he was the most charted artist of 2011 for resident    He played a packed show at 813 this weekend in Dallas.  He was  a featured headliner musical act this year in Miami at W.M.C. 

You guys at the Observer really dropped the ball again.  Seems if it is not S.P.I.N oriented material you people do not have an opinion.    In all fairness you did a interview with him back in early January. However it just seemed really dry and boring.  Not a very creative interview process.

Claude Von Stroke played in Dallas the next night at the Club One building. One of the top 100 DJs in the world. Who also does the Dirty Bird Record labels and Mothership Records as well. Barclay and his labels remain one of the most influential in the world of House Music  & Future Bass.         

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