Rubber Gloves at 15: Four of Josh Baish's Favorite Moments

Baish (left) with a member of Boris and his ear, in 2008.
Clubs are born to die, but in Denton, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios remains. This Saturday marks 15 years of too much smoke, barely functional restrooms and super cheap drink specials, with performances from Slobberbone, Chris Flemmons, Dove Hunter, Pinkish Black and more. We spoke to owner Josh Baish and asked him about some of his favorite moments.

Riverboat Gamblers and the Broken Gas Line
"Mike Wiebe from Riverboat Gamblers jumped and grabbed a gas line during a show, broke it, and the entire room filled with gas. We had to clear everyone out and cancel the show. Trinidad Leal from Dixie Witch put together that show so when they broke the line, Trinidad was mad. He is this big bear of a guy and after we canceled the show, they were in the parking lot and he was just yelling at Wiebe: 'I can't believe you did that! I'm so mad, but I really love you, man. But I'm so pissed! But I still l love you, OK?' That was a lot of fun."

Joanna Newsom, George Neal and Cats
"George Neal (Little Grizzly, Hares on the Mountain) and I walked into the office once to find Joanna Newsom sitting there. I had no idea who she was, but George knew all about her. We all started talking about cat videos, just funny online cat videos. She kept asking, 'What are you talking about?' So we all sat down and watched one of this cat that kept saying, 'Oh, Don Piano' and 'Oh, Long Johnson,' and we all thought it was the funniest thing. George Neal still can't believe we sat around watching cat videos with Joanna Newsom."

Modest Mouse and the Puddle of Vomit
"Modest Mouse played right before they hit mainstream success with 'Float On.' That show was so packed that at one point -- and I'm not proud of this -- someone got sick and threw up all over the person next to them. The place was so full they couldn't move. They just had to stand there for the rest of the show covered in someone else's vomit."

Boris Found My Ear
"I lost half my ear in Marfa, and [Boris] found it. They included a lyric about it in one of their songs. They sent me the 7-inch of the song. They're my favorite band, so when I heard they were going on tour, I called their booking agent and told her, 'I don't care what it takes, I want them to play here!' She said, 'Yeah, there's this crazy story about them finding some guy's ear ...' and I yelled, 'That's me!' She said, 'Oh, we're doing that show.' So Boris played Rubber Gloves and I have the signed 7-inch with the song about my ear behind the bar, right behind a jar with my ear still in it."

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