Playlist: Seven Great Songs Featuring Moog Synthesizer

Bob Moog had the crazy genius look down.
If you've tried to Google something today, you'll notice the logo has been transformed to celebrate Robert Moog's 78th birthday, which allows you interact with his most famous creation. He's the inventor of the Moog synthesizer, and to say he was influential is undercutting the fact that he essentially steered electronic music into a brave new realm. For those unfamiliar, the 2004 documentary Moog is a good starting point. As is usually the case when someone is plagued with artistic genius, of course people thought Moog and his clunky invention were crazy.

Wendy Carlos was actually one of the first to employ the Moog, on her 1968 album Switched-On Bach. Once you start digging, you can see just how far Moog's invention stretched into the fabric of pop music. Below are a few examples. What are some of your favorites?

Jean-Jacques Perrey, "Moog Indigo"

Stevie Wonder, "Tuesday Heartbreak"

Kraftwerk, "Die Roboter"

Dick Hyman, "The Minotaur"

Donna Summer, "I Feel Love"

Roxy Music, "Remake/Remodel"

Brainiac, "Hot Metal Dobermans"

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bill victor
bill victor

Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Lucky Man by ELP should be on here.

Robbie Saunders
Robbie Saunders

No mention of the entire Abbey Road LP!? I know hipsters (your target audience?) likely don't consider the Beatles "hip" anymore, but this is a no brainer and really one of the first popular records that showcased the Moog across the board.  Only thing on here that matches it's release date it Minotaur (1969) 


Bernie Worrell on any of the P-Funk records, Talking Heads "Remain In Light", or Jerry Harrison's solo album "The Red and the Black"

Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Group

Close to The Edge by Yes

Welcome to The Machine by Pink Floyd

God I'm old.

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