Giveaway: Two Pairs of Tickets to This Weekend's Urgh! A Music War Screening

Nervous Curtains perform live on Friday
I feel like Oprah! We can't stop giving stuff away! Today, we have two pairs of tickets to this weekend's screening of Urgh! A Music War at Texas Theatre. Friday night, after the film, stuck around and see Peopleodian, Nervous Curtains and After Hours With George Quartz. Nervous Curtains just alluded to what sort of tribute they might to do this fine film. Trust me, you don't want to miss it.

Want a pair of tickets? Email here and tell us why! We'll have a winner tomorrow.

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The email link did not work for me :( I would love to go because I have minimal human interaction! I sit in an office alone, while the only other 6 people here work in a warehouse. Then I go home alone everyday. I have friends, but no money. I would like to see this. I am an artist myself, and LOVE music :) It could just make my day!


dont know how that "" thing got thrown in.. Its

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