And Our Rock the Park Winner Is...

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Hard to believe it's been a month since our eight Rock the Park finalists were announced. This past Saturday, top three finalists the Breakfast Machine, Madisons and Catamaran battled it out at the Shops at Park Lane, and Austin country-folk group Madisons were victorious.They will go on to the opening slot at the third annual Homegrown Festival on Saturday, May 26, joining a fine Texas lineup including Black Joe Lewis, Hayes Carll, Centro-matic, Robert Ellis and more. There's still time to get tickets. Congrats, Madisons!

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That was a hack. Madisons only won the opening slot of a Country/Folk/Americana festival because they play country/folk/americana/wanna be Mumford and sons. The Breakfast Machine were the real winners--hands down.

I only listen to hip hop and r n b, but my friends invited me... I saw all the bands listened to all and made my choice.. Madison's were awesome.. And now a fan! Shows you how good they are if I've never really heard this type of music to enjoy it. Congrats Madison! I bought the shirt!!


 Breakfast machine was not better than the madisons, and all there props couldn't even help them, guys spining glow sticks and people wearing full body suits, they are trying to sound like bjork, and your right there music doesnt belong with the homegrown festival.


actually, never heard anything that sounded like Bjork--dunno what music you were listening to, Diablo--but Tsuifengsux, you may be right in the fact that The Breakfast Machine should have won, but they were just in the wrong competition. The Madisons took the cake in this case. They had some cool tunes with nice harmonies. A lil' dull at times, but that goes for any band, really. Too bad, though--they'll have to open up the festival to a whopping 20ish people at 10 or 11 in the morning. Sleep in, Breakfast dudes.

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