Who Is That Awesome Dancing Girl In Sarah Jaffe's New Video?

After watching the new video for Sarah Jaffe's first single, "Glorified High," which premiered Friday on MTV, I was reminded of the video for "Open Your Heart," namely the scene at the end, where Madonna and that kid who came to watch her peep show dance around in matching outfits.

However, the moves 11-year-old L.A. dancer Emily Hoffman breaks down in the video, filmed back in March in Dallas, put Madge to shame. Jaffe saw Hoffman while scouring YouTube for young dancers, and Kirtland Records' Tami Thomsen tracked her down.

I've long since passed the age where my body could pull off any of these motions, but Hoffman is a natural. Just look at some of her past dance competition videos and marvel at her youthful pliability.

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A Little Less Conversation
A Little Less Conversation

Dallas News, Sports, Weather and Traffic from The Dallas Morning News... the Friday: He debuted his Sarah Jaffe video, then broke the news he's ... a briefdancing sequence with a little girl who Sarah had seen on YouTube .


Truly a gifted and naturally talented dancer. You rock, Emily!


Amazing dancing!! This is unique, edgy and fun!  Love everything about this video. 

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