Sleigh Bells - Granada Theater - 4/17/12

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Mike Brooks
Sleigh Bells. See more in the slideshow.
Sleigh Bells, Javelin, Elite Gymnastics
Granada Theater
Tuesday, April 17

Brooklyn's Sleigh Bells made a Tuesday night feel like a Friday, like you've seen Run-DMC, Katy Perry and Atari Teenage Riot all at once. At 15 minutes to 10 p.m., vocalist Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Miller came out with an additional guitarist, 12 Marshall stacks, and a strobe-filled light show. Starting with "Demons," the sold-out venue erupted into sways and headbangs. Krauss, decked out in a black leather jacket and camouflage shirt, howled over the live guitars and layers of backing tracks.

Three more songs would follow, but the crowd already seemed drained. Serenading with the jangly "End of the Line" was a good choice in terms of pacing. Two songs later, as "Comeback Kid" pulled into high gear, the cheers were back.

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Mike Brooks
Given that the band's entire catalog clocks in at under 70 minutes, it wasn't surprising they left the stage after only 45 minutes. Coming back for a three-song encore, the total run time was barely an hour. Yet people were satisfied, as Cyndi Lauper's "All Through the Night" pumped out of the venue's P.A.

Earlier, Elite Gymnastics opened with 25 minutes of a visual art project mixed with tribal drums and spoken word vocals. The duo seemed to take enjoyment with throwing around a conga drum and an electric guitar, much to the amusement of those watching. Later, the pair of cousins who are Javelin gave 30 minutes of poppy rave-ups. A drum machine played live along with a bass guitar, but the true ace up the sleeve was the addition of a kazoo. Yes, a kazoo.

Personal bias: Sleigh Bells are not really my bag, musically, but I enjoyed myself. I figure there are acts who should be enjoyed with a ton of people around you instead of when you're at home alone.

Random quote: "This track was inspired by middle school dances," said Javelin's singer/bassist.

By the way: A couple of Pop Tarts packets wound up on stage during Sleigh Bells' set.

Sleigh Bells' set list:
"Crown on the Ground"
"True Shred Guitar"
"End of the Line"
"Born to Lose"
"Comeback Kid"
"Straight A's"
"Leader of the Pack"
"Tell 'Em"
"Infinity Guitars"
"Rill Rill"

"Never Say Die"
"Riot Rhythm"
"A/B Machines"

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This band is de jure.


This was my 3rd time to see them and this was probably their best show that I've been to.  Plus, the first one they've headlined.

Chris Chris
Chris Chris

I demand to know why there was no Spoon review.


Seriously.  Walked out after 30 minutes.

Said to me during the show: "I'm not convinced those guys are really playing their guitars."Sleigh Bells uses a lot of noise, lights, and yelling to cover up a lack of talent.

Daniel Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins

My review of the Spoon show: Exactly the same as the previous 10 Spoon shows I've seen.


Not sure anyone in Dallas recognizes talent. Just because they don't get air time on KISS 106.1 doesn't mean they're talent-less 


Ouch! say that about a local band and see the fireworks.

Nick R.
Nick R.

Band name alert: 10 Spoon Shows


If you consider Sleigh Bells "indie", you're missing the point.


I don't listen to mainstream radio.  I listen to KEXP (Seattle) via TuneIn, since Dallas doesn't have a serious indie station.

There is a lot better music coming out of the indie world than Sleigh Bells right now.  A lot.

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