Of Course Our Dream Edgefest Lineup Includes Ol' Dirty Bastard and Steely Dan

Steely Dan: A great band for Edgefest or the GREATEST band for Edgefest?
With the 22nd annual Edgefest approaching this Sunday, we started to get a little cultural vertigo looking at the lineup: Garbage, Cake, Evanescence? The Black Keys are the big draw, sure, but it brought us back into that late '90s vortex, where the pants were wide and pop music was at its cavity-tingling peak.

As we steadied ourselves on a stack of Now That's What I Call Music! CDs, we started coming up with suggestions for next year's fest, based solely on the most ludicrous decade-appropriate pairings we could think of, and our desire to actually see them happen.

Shakespeare's Sister
Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Metallica (only playing "Enter Sandman")
Faith Hill
The Verve
Temple of the Dog reunion
Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines
Geto Boys
PM Dawn
Steely Dan
Ol' Dirty Bastard as hologram

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How about a Texas Edgefest with George Gimarc hosting:

Course Of Empire (Reunion)Tripping Daisy (Reunion)Ten HandsFever In The FunkhouseDavid GarzaT42Lesson SevenITTAudio AssaultFunlandThe HungerThe ToadiesVanilla Ice

How about that!?


Do you get paid to come up with this stuff?  If so, are there any openings?  I can cook up crap like this all day long!   

Below is a sample of my work.  If you could please forward it to your superiors, I'd really appreciate it.  (As you can see, I already have my pen name picked out!)

MY DREAM EDGEFEST by Hipster Snarkster

DeadboltDay Glo AbortionsNeil SedakaBob WelchMindy McCready VoivodMayhemTears for FearsGene Loves JezebelLove and Rockets (Only playing "Yin and Yang the Flowerpot Man")Leo SayerTad reunionEddie Rabbit Hologram

Jesse Hopkins
Jesse Hopkins

Boredoms and Faith Hill! Can you imagine? Genius


 You should change your name to FuckingAssholeDickhead.

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