Premiere: Mind Spiders' New Video For "Wait For Us"

Mind Spiders
In case you missed it, Mind Spiders made the New York Times' must-see list, along with locals A.Dd+ and Jessie Frye. So let's add the premiere of their new (and first) video, Meltdown track "Wait For Us."

The video, directed by The Texas Theatre's Jason Reimer, was shot in Dallas, Fort Worth and New Mexico, the latter a 10-hour trip Reimer and producer Kristen Butler ventured on in hopes of finding the right "planet look" for the sci-fi themed video.

"[Mind Spiders frontman] Mark [Ryan] and I talked about a lot of ideas and a few song options, and both agreed on this one," Reimer said. "He's very into classic sci-fi and it was the area we got most excited about. I came up with a general idea that was fully realized in January, after rewrites and trying to figure out what we could get away with and where we could do it.

"Mark explains the synopsis best: 'It's like Spy vs. Spy, except astronauts.' So I'll steal his quote."

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Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry

Keep your eyes peeled for a Granada Theater announcement tomorrow...

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