Five Hot Genres To Look and Listen For at SXSW 2012

Those seapunks look pale.
Slimerave (NOT slimewave, Google that at your own risk) was hot in Denton this past weekend, and seapunk is apparently a real genre. These are the times we live in. SXSW is always one of those weeks where it seems like genres breed, give birth and then die, but that's the make-or-break nature of a fest like SXSW. So here are a few of the hottest ones you should keep an ear out for while they last.

Asthma Wave
Asthma is on the rise, it's true, and inhalers are under-utilized as musical accompaniment. Thom Yorke actually wrote an early Radiohead song on his. Look for them this weekend as the must-have accessory, too.

DJs have to stand out somehow these days.This new club movement features DJs touring with industrial fans.

The genre that originates in and never leaves the Fader Fort.

DJs who only play covers of famous dubstep songs. There was an XXL article about it.

Oh, shit. You haven't heard about Thwunk yet? You won't know what hit you.

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