The Foundry Hosts First Show Saturday With The Black Dotz, Boom Boom Box & More

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The stage at Foundry.
Oak Cliff's Foundry, built into the space of previous bar Jack's Backyard, is quickly becoming one of the coolest venues in town. Thing is, it hasn't even had a show yet. This weekend, a Rockers vs. Mods party will remedy that.

On Saturday, Sleezy Mancini, The Black Dotz, Missile and The Boom Boom Box will christen The Foundry's kind of gorgeous stage, which is basically a pile of about 650 pallets.

There will be more shows to follow. Bigger ones too, says partial owner Chris Jeffers. A few days after Chicken Scratch opened, Jeffers, part of the group that also owns Bolsa, Bolsa Mercado and Smoke, told me that he's committed to getting some really good shows on the stage. So much so that they've brought in Kris Youmans of Tactics Productions to book the venue.

Jeffers, a hopeless music fan -- he turned me on to South San Gabriel years ago -- has always tried to incorporate music into his other restaurant ventures, but it gets a little cramped trying to set up a full band at Bolsa and Smoke. At The Foundry, though, the sprawling outdoor patio could easily become the best place to see a band when the weather complies. It almost feels like Stubb's in Austin, except you only have to drive to Oak Cliff.

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A pic of the stage came up on my twitter not too long ago, and it looks awesome. If they've got a decent sound system, I can see the Foundry going big places in a hurry.


Very Cool! I am sure Christopher J will book some great bands!

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