Beards Mature, Unite For Charity In Denton

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2012 Beard Pageant at Paschall Bar in Denton
Next Saturday, March 10, in Denton, Paschall Bar will host an awards ceremony for the 2012 Beard Pageant, featuring some of the most epic beards around. The event, put on by Sonny Bynum, benefits the community outreach program Serve Denton, an organization that coordinates efforts to help the needy in and around the Denton area.

The contest is held strictly online from now until March 9 at midnight, and contestants (who must be over 18) can acquire all of the necessary participation info on their website.

Categories include Top Beard, Massive Beard and Free Beard, or best freestyle facial hair. Entrance into the awards ceremony is $5, and for that you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped a worthy cause, as well as the potential to meet local bearded celebs, including Eric Pulido of Midlake. Starts at 8 p.m.

Look for future charitable Denton pageants to include back hair thickness, merkin girth, and ear gauge clearance.

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Nutra Science
Nutra Science

It might be to much but i do like a challenge. I just saw the race and since i was going to be nearby i tought i would give it a try

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