10 Lessons Learned at SXSW 2012, Day One

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All photos by Nick Rallo
Keep your arms still while photographing, or you just might lose the Best Photo of Two People Ever. Shame.
SXSW soldiers on through Sunday, of course, but before our minds go supernova from the the plethora of great music, we'd like to share a few important things learned after Day One in the Chaos Machine. Also, our feet are like blood balloons so we need to sit down. That's another lesson: Bring 1,400 pairs of shoes to SXSW 2013.

From My Old Kentucky Blogspot's day party
10. Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater looks like Every Guy You Went to High School With, except he sings in deep firestorms of Beck-like hurt.

9. When someone asks, "Do you want my bag of Fritos?" you always say yes.

8. The more a club on Sixth Street smells like a sewer troll's asshole, the better the beer probably is.

7. Cover songs from Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska are strongly encouraged. Apache Relay, a raucous Americana band, performed a kick-ass version of "State Trooper" at Swan Dive.

6. Hula Hoop Girl is difficult subject matter.

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1.) find the free beer, food, & music....if you paid on 6th street....you got ripped off...2.) yes...stay in downtown....driving thru the 6th street area is a NIGHTMARE! well worth the extra $$$3.) DO NOT EAT PIZZA ON 6th STREET! they all get the SAME DOUGH from the SAME VENDOR! Slices & Ice is the best spot...but it's up on the UT Campus.....4.) if you see a long  @  s s line....move on....you're probably not gonna get in.....5.) bring a portable phone charger.....

Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

1) yes - follow @SouthByFreeNOMS2) Yes3) No -Stoney's truck makes their own. Agree about the stands, though4) Yes5) My favorite back up power solution. fits in pocket. No cables http://www.amazon.com/Miccus-C... 

Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

My top 10 tips for SXSW :1) When you can sit, sit. Anywhere, anyplace, anytime.2) If you can afford to stay downtown, it's worth it. The nap from 4-7 is key.3) If you can afford to stay downtown, it's worth it. The cold toilet seat is key. You will pay the extra $100 a day for #2 and #3.4) Not all Pizza trucks are created equal. Stoney's is best.5) Turn your fucking flash off on your phone if you want the pictures to come out.6) Bring extra earplugs. Offering up some earplugs is a great way to meet people you want to talk to.7) Have some business cards printed up with an alternate e-mail address and your twitter account. That way you can choose who gets your primary info, and who can get easily filtered.8) Support your local bands. Watch how much different the energy is at SXSW vs. when you see them here9) Alternate water with booze all night. You'll thank me..10) My favorite back up power solution. fits in pocket. No cables http://www.amazon.com/Miccus-C...


1. remind yourself its not worth it and don't go. 2. that's about it.


i see the empathy out there. i really wish i could destroy the fucking observer. still, its splendid knowing there are sympathetic souls out there. god bless every one of you..

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