The Beach Boys, Marilyn Manson and This Week's Show Announcements

The Beach Boys, back in the day

For decades, The Beach Boys have been a diluted version of their former selves, touring with the likes of John Stamos on bongos. Since Brian Wilson was fired in 1982, the band never really topped the greatness of 1988's "Kokomo." Rumors of bad blood circulated around the remaining band members and Wilson, who has recorded under his own name since the late '80s. But late last year, it was announced Wilson would rejoin the band for a new album and a tour.

That tour will pass through town on Thursday, April 26, at Verizon Theatre. Tickets will be on sale this Friday at 10 a.m. at for $25 to $85. Hopefully Uncle Jesse will be nowhere in sight.

Speaking of bad blood, er, fake blood rather, Marilyn Manson will be at the Palladium Ballroom on Friday, May 11. He'll be joined by The Pretty Reckless for what we assume will be a greatest hits tour. Not like the guy has made a dent in pop culture since the '90s, amiright?

Absinthe Lounge
Monday, February 27 - Matt Barron
Tuesday, February 28 - John Lewis
Wednesday, February 29 - DJ Spacebar
Thursday, March 1 - John Bailey
Friday, March 2 - DJ Mind Control
Saturday, March 3 - DJ Per

Billy Bob's Texas
Friday, March 2 - Brandon Rhyder
Saturday, March 3 - Easton Corbin
Friday, March 9 - Cory Morrow
Friday, March 23 - Casey James
Saturday, March 24 - Josh Turner
Friday, March 30 - Aaron Watson
Saturday, March 31 - Jamey Johnson

City Tavern
Saturday, March 3 - The Boxing Lesson

The Common Table
Saturday, March 24 - Michael Donner & Southern Renaissance
Thursday, April 5 - Josh Weathers
Thursday, April 12 - Maren Morris

Friday, April 13 - Frankie Rose, Dive

Dan's Silverleaf
Saturday, April 28 - Meat Puppets

Granada Theater
Friday, May 11 - Devin the Dude
Saturday, May 12 - Natasha Leggero

Kessler Theater
Saturday, March 17 - Ruthie Foster, Daphne Willis

Main Street Garden Park
Saturday, May 26 - Homegrown Music & Arts Festival w/ The Octopus Project, Girl in a Coma, Ume, Mystery Skulls and more

Palladium Ballroom
Friday, May 11 - Marilyn Manson

Prophet Bar
Friday, March 16 - Raekwon

Will Rogers Memorial Center
Friday, March 9 - Clear Fork Jazz

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Teena Byrd
Teena Byrd

The author here is obviously not a fan of Satan or rock.  Spreading sour grapes just because of a lack to be all the good things boys are:  naughty, and made of puppy dog tails.  Marilyn Manson is the most influential rock figure since Ozzy Osborne, and no one has risen above his place.  You should bow your head, lowly dog...---------------Watch me give Marilyn Manson a tongue bath at the official site in the middle finger video


Ghoultown Friday at Curtain Club.


March at Queen City Hall

Fri March 2


Sat March 3


Sat March 10

Purple Stickpin Featuring T.TEX Edwards / Oddlott / Ape Hangers / TBA

Sat March 17

Kill the Client / Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire / Akkolyte / Baring Teeth / Tyrannosorceress

Mon March 19Parade of Flesh Presents ALCEST / HULL / MUTILATION RITES

Sat March 23

Lash Outs / Free To Kill Again / Well, Well, Well / Friday, Maybe Saturday

Sat March 24

Parade of Flesh Presents ED SCHRADERS MUSIC BEAT w/ TBA


Lash Outs / Free To Kill Again      cool :)

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