Poster of the Week: Thurston Moore at the Texas Theatre

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Poster of the Week has been on hiatus for a bit, but we had to bring it back when we saw this poster for Thurston Moore's show on Friday. Local artist Scott Spooner says he was inspired by the song "Blood Never Lies," from Moore's latest album, Demolished Thoughts:

"In my head, the song created this story about a scorned guy that kidnaps the girl who never cared about him. And everything else pretty much spawned from that."

Indeed, it looks very much like it could be a Sonic Youth album cover circa the late '90s/early Aughts, or the subject of one of their songs. And, if you take a look at SY's discography, you'll notice a theme: The covers of EVOL, Goo, Sonic Nurse and Murray Street all feature ladies or girls.

Catch Moore and former Charalambides singer-guitarist Christina Carter at the Texas Theatre on Friday night. Demolished Thoughts may be a quiet album, but there's always the possibility it might get loud in there.

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Awesome poster! Another great showing by the talented Scott Spooner!


I always enjoyed Poster of the Week.  Glad to see it back.

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