Poster of the Week: Stephen Malkmus at the Granada Theater

Local duo Magnificent Beard produced this little nugget of sunshine for the Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks show on Tuesday, illustrating what cats do best and adding to the overall tightness of their graphic art science.

I like to think Malkmus retires to his study after a long day of shredding and soloing, puts on some slippers and drinks some Chamomile tea, and consults with a menagerie of cats. He gives them human names like Larry and Dan. And oh, how they laugh! Cats! Sometimes they're the only ones that understand, am I right?

And that concludes this installment of My Weird Stephen Malkmus Fantasy.

There are still tickets left for the show, so get on that.

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Daniel Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins

My Stephen Malkmus drinks cognac from a snifter while listening to Oasis.

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