LMFAO at American Airlines Center, Madonna Adds Second Show, Sleigh Bells and This Week's Show Announcements

LMFAO and Madonna
​When we first heard that LMFAO were going to be performing at American Airlines Center on Friday, June 15, we were like, WTF! Then we started thinking about how funny they looked at the Super Bowl half time show with Madonna, at which point we started LOLing so hard we began ROFL. Tickets for the show go on sale at Live Nation on Saturday at 10 a.m., ranging from $25 to $99.50, which is an awful lot of money IMHO.

Speaking of Madonna, she's added a second show to her Dallas stop on Sunday, October 21. Tickets will go on sale at Live Nation on Monday, March 5, at 10 a.m., ranging from $93.50 to $358.50. (WTF again, y'all!)

Granada Theater had a big announcement this week, too. Sleigh Bells will be there on Tuesday, April 17. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. for $29 on the Granada ticket website. (The site says the show is sold out, but we just received word there are 300 tickets left.)
Absinthe Lounge
Monday, March 5 - Matt Barron
Tuesday, March 6 - DJ Hulon Pate
Wednesday, March 7 - Chris Curiel's Swirve
Thursday, March 8 - DJ Lord Buck
Friday, March 9 - DJ Dorian DuPree
Saturday, March 10 - Mike Freiley
Sunday, March 11 - DJ Dean Moriarty

American Airlines Center
Friday, June 15 - LMFAO
Sunday, October 21 - Madonna (second show added)

Arlington Music Hall
Friday, April 27 - George Jones

Bill's Records
Saturday, March 10 - Lennon Page, Young Readers
Saturday, March 17 - D. Spruell, Bob Richardson, The River Monks
Saturday, March 24 - Jessica Campbell, Sara Beck
Saturday, March 31 - Romero, Teeth Like Lions, Avery Whittaker
Satruday, April 14 - The Voodoo Highway
Saturday, April 21 - D. Spruell, Bob Richardson
Satudray, May 12 - Merrol Ray, Ignite The Borealis

Saturday, March 10 - Ian McLagan & the Bump Band
Tuesday, May 8 - Lambchop
Wednesday, May 9 - Tennis

Dan's Silverleaf
Tuesday, March 27 - The Polyphonic Spree

Gexa Energy Pavilion
Saturday, July 14 - Big Time Rush, Cody Simpson, Rachel Crow
Saturday, July 21 - Chicago, The Doobie Brothers
Friday, August 17 - Iron Maiden, Coheed & Cambria

Granada Theater
Tuesday, April 17 - Sleigh Bells
Friday, May 18 - Larry Carlton

House of Blues
Thursday, March 15 - Brandon Steadman Band, Clay Wilson Band, Waylon Peirce
Thursday, March 15 - D. Tall, Marvelous Jarvis
Thursday, April 5 - PJ Morton
Sunday, April 15 - The Maine, Lydia, The Arkells
Thursday, May 17 - Griffin House
Sunday, May 20 - Allen Stone

Museum of Nature & Science
Saturday, May 5 - Manifestation Celebration w/ Thievery Corporation, Flying Lotus, EOTO, Nadis Warriors & more

Music Hall at Fair Park
Wednesday, June 13 - Idina Menzel

Queen City Hall
Friday, March 2 - In Defence, Akkolyte, Wiccans, Steel Bearing Hand, Completely Fucked
Saturday, March 3 - Kegcharge, Rituals, Gall, Deadline, Occult Detective Club
Saturday, March 10 - Purple Stickpin w/ T. Tex Edwards, Oddlott, Ape Hangers
Saturday, March 17 - Kill The Client, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Akkolyte, Baring Teeth, Tyrannosorceress
Monday, March 19 - Parade of Flesh Presents: Alcest, Hull, Mutilation Rites
Saturday, March 23 - Lash Outs, Free To Kill Again, Well, Well, Well, Friday, Maybe Saturday
Saturday, March 24 - Parade of Flesh Presents: Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Wednesday, April 4 - All Shall Perish

Verizon Theatre
Wednesday, June 27 - Scorpions

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She is looking energetic for her World Tour and she is going to rule the industry once again. 

Discounted Madonna Tickets
Discounted Madonna Tickets

she is performing in a show during  her  World tour. this is great news really love to see her live in concert at American airlines center.

Discounted Madonna Tickets
Discounted Madonna Tickets

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the initial Ticketmaster site for Madonna tickets states, as you state above, tickets $98 to $358 ... with a $187 stop in between, but if you went to the site and requested specific sections, say 105 just off the floor and halfway back from the stage, well these choice ducats pop up at $1887.50 !!! that's right, almost Two Grand... EACH ! hell yeah ... FOUR Grand, if ya wanna take a date. and what about the front row ??? try $$$Thousands$$$. Now seriously. I'm gonna go just to see who these idiots are that have that much do-re-mi to throw away. Oh, and they added a second show, because evidently people in this town just don't have anything better to do with their money - besides that fancy bridge ... (BTW, I got two of the $187 tickets and they aren't even together.)

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