In Defense of... Drake's "Take Care"

At the end of last year, I took back misgivings I had about Drake since his studio debut, Thank Me Later, dropped a couple years back. One of reasons I changed my mind "aboat" the Canadian rapper was the title track from his sophomore album, Take Care, released last year.

"Take Care" follows a chain of samples and covers, including Jamie XX's mix of Gil Scott-Heron's cover of Bobby "Blue" Bland's "I'll Take Care of You." This track, in turn, inspired a few covers and remixes.

While Drake's last single, "Marvin's Room," wandered between Drake ranting about an ex's new boyfriend and boasting about having sex four times that week over a dreary rhythm, "Take Care" is a bit more consistent. The bleak lyrics match the dim sound.

"Take Care" also improves on Drake and Rihanna's last single "What's My Name?" off Ri's 2010 album, Loud. It sounds like Ri came to her senses and remembered her name, while Drake reduced his offhand quips to one lyrical reference to Lesley Gore.

Between finding a consistent sound with "Take Care" and enraging DMX, Drake might have a good year.

Drake's performance at UTA's College Park Center on Friday, March 2 is "allegedly" sold out.



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"allegedly sold out?" Are you hinting that it is so unbelievable for drake to sell out a concert when he's clearly one of the hottest rappers in the game? To me, this was an ignorant statement as I doubt Drake has any difficulty selling tickets. Also, "The dreary rhythem of Marvin's Room" is more then "boasting about having sex four times that week" as alot of people can relate to it. And then you talk about "What's My Name?" It dosen't sound like you should be allowed to have any "misgivings" about Drake, as you have clearly never listened to his good songs, like Underground Kings, HYFR, We'll be Fine, Lord Knows, to name a few. And by the way, Marvin's Room was not his last single, as that was released before "Headlines" and "Makes me Proud", before they were all released on the album, and it wasn't originally supposed to be on Take Care, as he added it because it was so popular. That's it, I'm done, peace OVO

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