Thurston Moore, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and More Riffs For Your Weekend

Thurston Moore
One of the most anticipated shows of the last few months has definitely been Thurston Moore at the Texas Theatre tonight. The Sonic Youth guitarist has been carving out a nice little solo career with last year's Demolished Thoughts and 2007's Trees Outside the Academy (I always sort of thought of his 1995 solo LP, Psychic Hearts, as a Sonic Youth album), both softer, quieter sides of SY's full-amp assault. There are probably still tickets left, so you should probably go.

In addition to that ear-ringing endorsement, Dallas Distortion Music's one-ear anniversary goes down at Bryan Street Tavern tomorrow, with locals Sundress, Blackstone Rangers and Slumberbuzz.

And Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, featuring members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, rattles windows at Sons of Hermann Hall on Sunday. Check out our interview with leader Efrim Menuck, who has some thoughts on the whole "post-rock" genre.

But wait, there's more...

Z-Ro, Trae Tha Truth
Friday, February 10, at Trees

Houston rapper Z-Ro doesn't sugar-coat anything. In fact, his last four album have been called Crack, Cocaine, Heroin and Meth. Pair that with fellow Screwston rapper and fellow Guerilla Maab-er Trae Tha Truth, and you've got some Dirty South up North.

The Hormones, Sealion, the Vliets and Sir Name & the Janes
Saturday, February 11, at Dada

A solid local punk line-up, but get there early for the NYC downtown strut of Sir Name & the Janes.

Ben Kweller
Saturday, February 11, at Good Records

A release party of sorts for the former North Texan's new album, Go Fly a Kite. It's not half bad. I'd even go as far as to say it's pretty good. 7pm.

Hacked & Slashed II
Saturday, February 11, at Zubar

The sequel to last month's inaugural horror movie score (dance?) party. DJs Gabe Mendoza and Gavin Guthrie are possibly promising some Goblin and Giorgio Moroder's Cat People soundtrack. You can dance if you wanna.

Sunday, February 12, at Webb Gallery

Sort of a hike, but it's your chance to see Jad Fair, Will Johnson, Dan Phillips and Tim Kerr all play in the same room together. Also, free beer. Also, art.

Kinky Friedman
Sunday, Febraury 12, at All Good Cafe

Who knows what Kink's got up his sleeve, but -- oh, it's his new tequila.

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 HCG Platinum
HCG Platinum

I'm curious what guitar players might think of Thurston Moore as a guitarist.. I'm asking because I'm learning guitar and like his style but I'm not sure he's the most 'talented' guitarist. 


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I've always thought of Thurston Moore the same way that I've thought of Jim Jarmusch:  a Marginally talented Dick with way too much self esteem who is admired by outcast dipshits.


Biking over to the Cliff for Moore tonight. Good times.

Gavin Mulloy
Gavin Mulloy

Octopus Project at Granada Saturday night...just sayin.

porcus maximus
porcus maximus

It's too bad you feel that way, you missed an incredible show.


Why stop at the Cliff? Just keep biking over it.

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