10 Albums That Cure a Bad Hangover

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Oh, sweet relief!
There are few things that cure day-after-drinking hell better than a Bloody Mary. It's got to be a salad in a glass for the really bad ones, when you feel heavy at the forehead like a sledgehammer. Obviously, there's a number of additional things you can do for yourself: Get a delicious beer. Get a huge ass Tex-Mex breakfast. Get someone to black jack you with a boat oar.

But what the hell do you do on the way to get the glorious Bloody Mary? On the way to brunch? On the way to more bar? After you wake up from being nailed by a boat oar?

You need music to stop the two New York-sized rats fighting behind your eyes. These are the albums that are the musical equivalent of the sweet, sweet tomato drink. Hopefully, they'll do the same for you. If not, feel free to throw vegetables at the comments. Or post your own top ten. Oh, and keep it handy for 35 Denton and SXSW.

10. Cotton Jones - Paranoid Cocoon
The whole album has an aged, Bourbony, sometimes-Motown sound that's perfect for scrubbing vomit from rugs. You'll definitely want the track about righting yourself after puking in the toilet. Also, this:
Bloody Mary track: "Gotta Cheer Up"


9. Harlem - Hippies
It's dirty rock, but not harsh. You don't want to amplify the headache, but you want a few tracks that commiserate with the pain. Harlem understands.
Bloody Mary track: "Someday Soon"


8. Pink Mountaintops - Outside Love
Epic concept album that's dripping with beautiful, melancholy metaphors of love. It's like plopping in front of the TV for a good film. Do it.
Bloody Mary track: "While We Were Dreaming"


7. Sigur Ros - Med Sud I eyrum vid spilum endalaust
Firstly, you don't need to know lyrics. Secondly, the latter half of the album sounds like drifting in zero gravity somewhere on the dark side of the moon. Pretty shit.
Bloody Mary track: "Fljotavik"


6. Nada Surf - Let Go
If Nada Surf had a pop magnum opus, it's this one. It's about isolation and solitude, which is prescription strength healing after a rough night.
Bloody Mary track: "Neither Heaven Nor Space"

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ugh man. i fuckin hate "lay lady lay". such a stupid song. "wont you lay across my big brass bed"...idk, it just always bothered me. though Nashville Skyline is otherwise a great album.

Always go for something minimalist like sigur ros for my hangover days.

Mark Lea
Mark Lea

Typhoon is Portland, not Seattle. And they are going to play 35 Denton, it just hasnt been announced yet.


What about Cannibal Corpse....turned up to 11


David Bowie's Hours tends to erase self-hatred and emotional bloat.   Harvest Moon.  Davd Brubeck Live at Carnegie Hall 1963, played quietly as you drink coffee with the TV off.


What about Cheap Trick? They have an album called MUSIC FOR HANGOVERS!


Are you kidding me ? No Speedtrucker.

Thats my go to, relive the glory days and get revved up to do it again


 I can not agree with you more, it is definitely a great album for hangover.

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