Watch: New Bravo, Max! Video For, You Guessed It, A New Song

After Bravo, Max! was nominated for a Dallas Observer Music Award this past year, the five-piece was suddenly reduced to a trio. And that wasn't too long after the band released Dog's Light, their impressive debut effort.

Now, some might think a band going through such upheaval might not be up for recording new material. Well, Johnny Beauford and the rest of the three-piece have hopped right into the studio and produced "Sleepy Simon." Best of all, the reduction in size has resulted in the band making the toughest, most direct music of its short career. Check out the "in-the-making" video and let's hope the band keeps going in this much less frilly direction.


Bravo, Max!

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John Jay Myers
John Jay Myers

Looking forward to seeing these guys at The Free Man in Deep Ellum on February 10th!

You can see Johnny Beauford (the lead singer) every Sunday night!

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