"The Guy In the Kitchen at Olive Garden Does Not Care If You Like His Linguine": Henry Rollins Comes to UNT in March

As if there wasn't enough going on that first week of March, Henry Rollins will roll into UNT's Murchison Performing Arts Center on Saturday, March 3. And as he often does so well, Rollins will be speaking about music, art and beyond. Check out the video for his thoughts on the current state of music.

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"Christian rock is there for you who lack intellect" You tell them Henry!

Kergo 1 spaceship
Kergo 1 spaceship

Is the guy in the kitchen the same guy that gets his pasta (and other menu items) from a #10 can?  Is he the same guy that cooks the food in the microwave?  Olive Garden='s people who don't like food; or old's.

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