Florence and the Machine, Eddie Vedder and More Show Announcements

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Hold up, the Machine, I got this.
​If there is a current British Invasion, it's being led by UK's high-charting indie-pop band Florence and the Machine. They're so hot right now. It didn't hurt that they had a song featured at the end of one of the Twilight movies, which, in the music world, is like being given a lifetime supply of money. Now that the band has released their sophomore album, Ceremonials, to warm critical reception, they're taking the show on the road.

Florence and the Machine will be at Palladium Ballroom on Tuesday, May 1. Tickets go on sale for $39.50 at AXS.com on Friday, January 27, at 10 a.m.

If you can't think about the term British Invasion without thinking about Oasis, then this next show might be up your alley. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder will be at Fair Park Music Hall on Monday, April 30, accompanied only by a ukulele.The Frames' Glen Hansard will open the show. Tickets go on sale February 3 at Frontgate for $78.50. However, if you belong to the Pearl Jam fan club you can get in on a pre-sale.

Check out the rest of this week's show announcements.

The Aardvark
Thursday, January 26 - Emory Quinn
Friday, January 27 - Alpha Rev
Saturday, January 28 - Holy Moly, Convoy & The Cattlemen
Tuesday, January 31 - Ross Shifflett
Thursday, February 2 - Paul Wall, The Niceguys, A.Dd+, DJ Sober
Saturday, February 4 - Dollars & Cents
Thursday, Febrary 9 - Rob Cavender
Saturday, February 11 - Echo of Insanity, Night Gallery, Daylight Industries
Thursday, February 16 - Tim Halperin
Saturday, February 25 - Overscene, Kennedy, Ursa
Thursday, March 1 - Rob Cavender
Thursday, March 8 - American Royalty Lady Killers

Abbey Inn
January 25, February 8, 22 - Earl Bates

Absinthe Lounge
Monday, January 30 - DJ Lord Buck
Tuesday, January 31 - DJ Mic Most
Wednesday, February 1 - Chris Curiel's Swirve
Thursday, February 2 - DJ Hulon Pate
Friday, February 3 - DJ Mind Control
Saturday, February 5 - DJ Natenski

American Airlines Center
Wednesday, June 20 - Kool & The Gang

Bass Performance Hall
Friday, April 27 - Ben Folds w/ the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
Friday, June 8 - Dennis Miller
August 3, 4 - 1964: The Tribute

Bryan Street Tavern
Saturday, March 10 - My Education (added to Junius/O'Brother show)

The Door Dallas
Tuesday, February 7 - Jillian Edwards, Caleb, Dora, Matt Compton, Cameron Ernst
Saturday, February 11 - Loyal Sally, The Five Hands, Brent Boren Group
Saturday, February 18 - Crown The Empire
Monday, February 27 - Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds, Decoder
Friday, March 9 - Red, Thousand Foot Krutch, Manafest, Nine Lashes, Kiros

Fair Park Music Hall
Monday, April 30 - Eddie Vedder, Glen Hansard

Granada Theater
Friday, March 2 - The Frankenstein Brothers: Buckethead & That 1 Guy
Friday, March 16 - Larry Joe Taylor
Thursday, April 5 - White Denim
Friday, April 6 - Jake Shimabukuro
Friday, April 27 - Brian Jonestown Massacre

La Grange
Friday, January 27 - Hammercocks, The Swingin' Dicks, Orthodox Fuzz, DryRub
Tuesday, March 20 - The Black Belles

McDavid Studio
Saturday, February 11 - Austin Lounge Lizards
Wednesday, April 11 - Acoustic Alchemy
Friday, May 11 - UNT One O'Clock Lab Band

Mokah (Life In Deep Ellum)
Saturday, April 28 - Say Anything

Palladium Ballroom
Sunday, March 4 - Bugs Henderson Benefit Concert
Tuesday, May 1 - Florence and the Machine

Prophet Bar (big room)
Friday, February 3 - Chingo Bling, A.Dd+, The Niceguys, DJ Sober
Friday, February 24 - Prophets and Outlaws, Tonight Tonight, The Buffalo Parade
Saturday, February 25 - T-4-2, Provision, Tay and the Spaces
Thursday, March 15 - Kids At The Bar, Midnight Conspiracy, Crystal Vision
Monday, April 9 - The Black Dahlia Murder, Nile, Skeletonwitch

Prophet Bar (small room)
Tuesday, February 7 - RSVP, Mark Lettieri, Funky Knuckles, The Boombachs
Friday, February 10 - Gypsy Hideout, Kirk Thurmond, Language Room
Friday, February 17 - Eremet, Super Water Sympathy, Twenty One Pilots
Saturday, February 18 - Anya Marina, The Soldier Thread
Friday, March 9 - Jinette, Minimal
Friday, March 16 - Miniature Tigers, Geographer, The Chain Gang of 1974

Sons of Hermann Hall
Monday, February 6 - 1969s (added to King Khan & the Shrines)

South Side Music Hall
Saturday, February 18 - TANK
Tuesday, May 1 - Ingrid Michaelson

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u might want to mention kool and the gang are playing with an obscure little act known as Van Halen


What am I missing? Pearl Jam is to Oasis as ?


Uhhh Melvins/Unsane? how bout OFF! being added to Brofest? get with the program


Ooh!  Eddid Vedder!!   Guess we get to hear Corby jerk off all over this for a segment.


Knock knock! Big KRIT album release tour at TREES, 2/25/2012. :)

just sayin'
just sayin'

I was wondering the same thing. The only thing that I could come up with was the writer was saying that if someone thinks of Oasis as the British Invasion instead of the Beatles and the Stones, then they are probably around the same age as Pearl Jams original fans and would be the only people that would actually be excited about an Eddie Vedder solo show. Never mind the fact that their orginal fans are 20 years older than they were when they first heard Pearl Jam and probably like other music, both older and newer. Thats the only possible connection that I could make. It might be wrong. Its hard to interpret dumb writing.

And by the way, I dont even like Pearl Jam. The only thing of Vedder's that I enjoyed was his support of the WM3.

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