Pleasant Grove's Bret Egner Needs Your Help With Medical Expenses

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On Wednesday, Pleasant Grove singer-guitarist Bret Egner was involved in a bicycle accident near Red River in Austin, when he swerved to avoid two jaywalking pedestrians and hit the pavement. Sadly, the pedestrians he swerved to avoid didn't offer help.

Egner went into surgery today to repair a shattered collarbone, but without insurance he and his wife need some help with bills. You can chip in here to give a little support.

With all his friends in the two cities, that shouldn't be a problem.

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medical alarm
medical alarm

Thanks for sharing all of your hard earned lessons learned. 


we should do a series of benefit shows, here and in Austin. get centro-matic on board. maybe a special secret guest. if we could get hold of spaces that'll maximize Bret's $$take home amount. Maybe we could get the $door$ and some of the $bar, make it easy for people to donate.  attendees could bring art to donate that we could display and we could just do a paper silent auction or speed auction between sets. we could do a smaller Double Wide-size show and a bigger Granada-sized show or even a Prophet + Door dual event.  work through friends, family, friends of friends, think unofficial work/art/park places too, and use all the technology possible.

i want to help and betting others do too. so you Bret-friends are organizing any live benefit events, let it be known!  put it on the web and make it easy to find. first, second, or third hit.may Bret heal like Ong Bak!


Please tell the family about the victims rights organization. It falls under Greg Abbott's (Texas Attorney General's office). They will help pay the cost of the family. That's what they are there for. They can get a form from the hospital or probably on line or call Abbott's office.

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