New Erykah Badu/Flaming Lips Track Samples Siri, Sounds Fucking Trippy

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Mike Brooks
The saga continues: From the Internet ether comes the (partial) fruits of that Erykah Badu/Flaming Lips collaboration we talked about a few weeks ago.

"Now I Understand" sounds about right coming from the left/right brains of these two. Ambient, heavy-lidded, soulful and it features a sample of Siri's vocals. (The Apple voice-recognition bot, not Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' "child," though I'd probably listen to Erykah duet with either of them.) It's a straight-up 2001: A Space Odyssey jam.

The track will be available on a compilation Wayne Coyne's putting out for Record Store Day. Check it out, droids.

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Izabela Wojcik
Izabela Wojcik

If you can sit long enough to go through all the Siri crap (and let me tell you, it took all I had) you'll hear a nice voice singing a pointless 'thing'... And that's that. I can honestly say that I could have lived my life without throwing away the time I did throw away. Sounded like something a 12 year old put together on his dad's computer thinking it will hit big on YouTube or soundcloud, posted it and then got 3 hits per month (mostly family members)


Yet another Badu article. 

Too bad you couldn't shoehorn in a Chesterfield reference.



Pretty disappointing, I was expecting more from their collaboration.


Compliments to the weed man! Badu can make anything sound good...

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