Deleted Scenes on Petra, Ska, and Les Savy Fav

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Deleted Scenes, a four-piece from the Washington D.C. area, comes to Denton Tuesday, January 31, as they continue a lengthy tour through the states. As a little preview of the band's post-rock/post-hardcore sound, we asked vocalist/guitarist Dan Scheuerman about his first show experiences.

Not only did Sheuerman get to see Christian powerhouse Petra and the bloated failure of U2's PopMart tour, he also saw Les Savy Fav in a small club and his life was changed.

What was the first show you remember seeing? Were you with your parents?
The first show I saw was Petra, a Christian rock band. I was with my mom. They had a red keytar.

What was the first show you paid your own money to see?
The first shows I paid for were ska shows at an all-ages venue in Wheaton, Maryland called Phantasmagoria. Might have been The Toasters or The Pilfers, or a hundred other bands. All the shows I went to during that period are a sweaty blur of arms and legs.

What was the first show that made a major impact on you?
Maybe not first, but definitely the biggest, was Les Savy Fav at the Black Cat in D.C. in the early 2000s. It completely changed the way I look at music. It seemed like a new way, and so after that I stopped listening to my tired Weezer CDs and set out in search of new and strange music.

What's the worst show you've seen?
U2 on the PopMart tour. They were just tiny pixels on a stadium-sized screen. The screen was malfunctioning from the rain, so really they were just 60 percent dead pixels.

What do you remember about the first Deleted Scenes show?
I remember Lee Bellomy saying, "Well, clearly Dan is horrible at guitar."

Deleted Scenes play Dan's Silverleaf with A Lull on Tuesday, January 31st.

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