Dada Turns One, Willie Nelson at Billy Bob's Texas and This Weekend's Shows

Happy B, Dada!
It feels kind of weird writing the words "Dada turns one," seeing as the place has been a Dallas rock and roll institution since I spent my Friday nights watching TGIF. Granted, that was only up until a few years ago, but the place has been around forever. In 2010, however, it closed and with a new ownership and renovation, reopened in 2011. So, take some time this weekend and stop in for a drink.

Or not. In which case, there are plenty of other options for you, starting with the ones we've already mentioned this week.

Tonight, Willie Nelson will be at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth, and in Oak Cliff, The Gourds will perform at The Kessler Theater. Also, Austin's Bright Light Social Hour will be at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios with Fresh Millions.

On Saturday, The Virgin Wolves will be at La Grange in Deep Ellum, and at the Texas Theatre, you can celebrate Bowie and Elvis' shared birthday with a karaoke party, Heartbreak on Mars III. Also, Fever In the Funkhouse reunites for a show at Poor David's Pub, Darstar and Sea Lion will be at Prophet Bar, and Blackstone Rangers will be at 2826 Arnetic with Kiwi Sisters and Jakkk-E-Chan.

But that's not all. There are a plenty of other options, unless you'd rather stay in and watch TGIF.

Mike Graff, Casey Hess, Manya & Clay
Friday, January 6, at La Grange

This show will be a bit of a trip down memory lane for many Dallas music fans. Mike Graff, formerly of Course of Empire, headlines with the support of Casey Hess, whose resume includes Doosu, The Burden Brothers and most recently, Descender. While these guys are heavy rock heavyweights, this set promises to be stripped down with Graff accompanied only by a guitar.

Holy  Moly, Convoy & The Cattlemen, One Red Cent
Friday, January 6, at Trees

They refer to themselves as "Fort Worth's most politically incorrect cowpunk band," which is a pretty accurate description. Despite the stripped down instrumentation -- acoustic guitars, stand-up bass -- Holy Moly is an energetic act. Though, headlining Trees after a long list of hard-rocking opening acts will be a tough task.

Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun
Saturday, January 7, at All Good Cafe

Doesn't this sound like a band your grandpa listens to?

...and that's it for us. Have a good weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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Jason Howard
Jason Howard

I am looking forward to this show, I believe it must be very interesting and excting, I am really looking forward to it.

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

I've seen Willie live a bunch, and I bet you he hasn't had a good show since 1976......I believe that's when he went with the large band.  Prior to 1975, he toured with a relatively small band (between 4 + 6 players), and man oh man could he play, and command and audience!  I saw this thing from 1974 on PBS the other night, and boy he was greatness. It was before he broke, and he was well behind the beat in his phrasing, and just ripping it up with that old acoustic. The only thing better was the Waylon thing (from ACL) a half an hour later; and man, that guy was a genuine singer, and GREAT guitar player. All hail those two from circa 1975. 


I can confirm this, Saw him at Billy Bobs a couple years ago and it was very poor sounding. Large band was there, Willy had gained a nice potbelly. Fun times, but man the sound tech who did that show at Billy Bobs should be fired. Or maybe that is how Billy Bobs always sounds? idk.


Damm Kreggo has a real comment.

Both those KERA Classics are on my machine permenant

Drinkin Willie was way better than the current smoked Willie and any time your listening to Cash you should be listening to Waylon. JC is a poser

Kergo 1 Spaceship
Kergo 1 Spaceship

Thank you, I save my regular and poignant comments for MY blog.  I love drinkin' Willie!  Night Life and Blue Eyes just continue to impress me, in that they are both simple, and elegant....the truth lies in the simplicity, ala the Byrds "All I really wanna do", or the Beatles "I've just seen a face". 

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