And Then There Was One: Eisley's Stacy King Goes Solo With Sucré

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It's a day that's been prophesied and speculated about for years: The day one of the extremely talented members of Eisley goes solo. Would it be Sherri DuPree-Bemis or Stacy King? Both have shared songwriting duties for the family band, but King, the youngest member, is finally breaking out on her own with a project called Sucré, in which she has enlisted the help of her husband, Mutemath's Darren King, and Jeremy Larson.

You might remember the incredible rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "Silver Springs" King performed with Larson and her husband. Judging by the above video, which offers a 45-second preview of the album, it will be more orchestral and layered. Or, you can stream "When We Were Young," Sucré's first single, over at Spinner and listen for yourself.

The album, due April 10, comes after Eisley's 11th release -- their second after breaking away from Warner Brothers and signing with Equal Vision Records in 2010. In the meantime, it appears King will remain an active member of Eisley. The band has a spring tour that will end at the Granada Theater on April 1, just days before Sucré's release date.

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busty blonde bikini
busty blonde bikini

Hey, a busty blonde chick singing. What can go wrong...? Worse comes to worse she'll put on a bikini and it won't matter what she sings. LMAO

just sayin'
just sayin'

Eisley never amounted to shit. So a solo project from them won't amount to shit, either. Sorry, but it's true.


They may not receive excessive radio play or have their own reality show on MTV, but they are a successful band. They have a rather large, dedicated following, and they each have great relationships with their fan base. They have consistently been able to do what they love and are happy with the music they've released. I'd have to say that in those regards they have indeed "amounted to shit." Many of them do work on the side to compensate for the big label checks they aren't receiving, and they seem content to do so. Sherri, the guitarist, sells drawings and print work when they aren't touring, which seems like a pretty enjoyable living to me. 

Stacy has a beautiful voice and the instrumentation on her debut solo track is gorgeous. She may or may not become the next [insert famous female solo artist here], but at the end of the day she and her musical companions are talented and vulnerable in the art they produce. 

They're happy with what they're doing, which amounts to a lot more than the aforementioned "shit" you claim they'll never achieve.

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