Matthew and the Arrogant Sea Get the Daytrotter Treatment

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Matthew Gray as a cartoon
​Seems Denton concert promoter Matthew Gray stepped out the limelight for about a month, which was a smart move. He garnered quite a heap of press and ill will in October and November, when Denton Country Proper -- his upstart company -- booked and canceled high profile shows from John Hall (of Hall & Oates), Eleanor Friedberger, Health, Here We Go Magic and others.

But last week he began sneaking back in, not by booking more shows, but with his band Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, who received the Daytrotter treatment with a session last Tuesday. The session, like all Daytrotters, featured a recording of the band performing four songs. They played two from their 2008 album, Family Family Family Meets the Magic Christian, and two new ones, including the 13-minute "Tiny Little Egg-Shaped House." Unlike other sessions, though, Daytrotter seems to have implemented an annoying paywall.

Thankfully, you can view Matthew and the Arrogant Sea's session as part of a free seven-day trial. After that, it looks like you'll need your credit card.

In the meantime, enjoy the session, which proves that while Gray might not have a strong talent for booking or promoting shows, his band's music is still brilliant. We're certainly awaiting the release of the band's sophomore album, You Can't Tame A Wild Rabbit, much more than we are the announcement of Denton County Proper's next show.

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Bad Guy Zero
Bad Guy Zero

Daytrotter was on the verge of going under so back in October they implemented a monthly subscription plan. Two bucks a month isn't much for what you get. Beats annoying sidebar ads that randomly slide out and cover the text of an article you're trying to read.

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