Q&A: Borgore: "I Fucking Love Texas. Southern People Are Just So Chill and Down to Earth."

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Hailing from Israel, Asaf Borger (aka Borgore) is one of the true wildcards in the dubstep genre. Incorporating death metal into the typical electronica thump, Borgore creates dense and loud compositions that push the boundaries of sound and, sometimes, good taste.

Songs such as "Nympho," "Glory Hole" and "Act Like a Ho" haven't exactly ingratiated Borgore to the feminist community. Despite the off-color humor, Borgore's originality and songwriting flair are undeniable.

Speaking from Los Angeles in anticipation of Friday night's performance at Lizard Lounge, Borgore related his intention of making the U.S. his new home and love for all things Southern.

Some have said you have created your own genre, Gorestep.
I just wanted to mix metal and dubstep. And, of course, I wanted to do something to shake things up.

You first started as the drummer for the death metal band Shabira. Do you still keep in contact with those guys?
I wish I could, but those guys decided to become very religious and not do music anymore. So, we stopped working together. I am still good friends with some of those guys, but I am not religious at all.

Would you play in a metal band again?
I don't think I would play in a metal band. If I played in another band, I would not categorize it as metal. It might have metal influences, but it must also have electro and all that. It must cut across genres.

You've said in the past that you like to spend as much time off the stage as on it. Have you had some problems with audience members?
The only problem I have is girls trying to grab my balls. Actually, I don't think that is a big problem.

I read you decided to go solo because you broke up with your girlfriend. If the two of you would have stayed together, what would have happened?
I would probably be a broker right now, something Jewish. I might still be in the army, because I was pretty good at that.

You served in the Israeli army?
Yes, of course. Everyone has to for three years.

Any particularly dangerous moments?
I wasn't involved in any direct fighting. I was a trainer, but there were mortars shot in my direction. I wouldn't say they were shot at me. There were mortars also shot at four-year-olds as well. It is a bad situation.

As an Israeli, are you ever afraid of being targeted while out on tour?
My parents are concerned. I won't tell you that they are not. In the beginning, there were certain cities that I was afraid to fly to. But for me, it is about crossing boundaries. I am not a political person. I do music for music. I enjoy having a good time, man.

Were you worried your song "Act Like a Ho" would be criticized as sexist?
We just made a new tune that is far worse than that. I try to see how far I can go lyrically. And I can go further down that road. The thing is, I never tell my girlfriends to go do the dishes. I would never disrespect her. I respect women. People understand that my songs use humor. I say the things that every man would love to say. It's said from a humorous, fun point of view.

Did anyone actually say that you've ruined dubstep?
People have said that. It was years ago, when I first started. Dubstep started out as something completely different, but then everyone started making up rules for what it should be,. Back in the day, it was way more mellow. It sounded, pretty much, like reggae. Then, we came with a heavy sound. The old school people said that I ruined dubstep. You know what? Fuck it, I did.

One of the samples you use is "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music. Certainly, many in the audience will have no idea where this comes from.
A lot of people have no idea about the references I am making. I like to incorporate songs from John Coltrane and other jazz standards into the mix. I am giving props to my mother. These are things that only smart people will notice.

Some critics have said your music is just too overloaded to be listenable.
I am not worried about anything like that. I am doing whatever I like. You know what I mean?

Were you worried about remixing a Britney Spears song ["Womanizer"] and being considered a sell-out?
I did worry a bit, but that was the idea. I wanted to remix something that would make people raise their eyebrows. I wanted them to say, "What the fuck?"

I'm sure many people said just that.
Then, I did a good job.

Are you a classically trained musician?
Yes, I finished one of the most extensive programs in the world in jazz music, studying saxophone. I've studied music theory. I've been doing that for many years now.

Would you like to live in the United States?
Yes, I love Los Angeles, except for the traffic. I am looking for a house. And I can't wait to come to Texas. I fucking love Texas. Southern people are just so chill and down to earth. There is a great vibe in Texas.

Borgore performs with AFK and Johnny Funk on Friday, December 2 at the Lizard Lounge.

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