Poster of the Week: Dead Week Print Show

Taylor McClure of Pan-Ector designed this poster for Gutterth Production's bi-annual Dead Week Print Show, which goes down tomorrow night. Datahowler, Botany, Summer of Glaciers and Juve perform at Rubber Gloves, while the print portion of the show is on display at Meme Gallery, with work from the Printmakers Association of North Texas Students.

It's sort of like one of those Magic Eye posters you have to stare at for a while before a pattern emerges. I stared at it for 60 seconds and saw renowned American actor Abe Vigoda. What do you see?

Bonus: Botany just recorded a dreamy Violitionist session, which you can watch here.

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Czech Injun
Czech Injun

He's not.  All of his stuff looks exactly the same.  It's an unimpressive mess of snuck in balls.

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