Video: Control the Fate of John Wesley Coleman III in 'Wild Zoo'

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When he's not playing with the North Texas-bred Golden Boys or paying tribute to country curio Gary Stewart, garage rock bon vivant John Wesley Coleman III is being rendered as a video game character. One that basically shoots a gun and jumps around in a scuzzy 8-bit gutter. Sounds about right.

The latest adventure from Austin-based multimedia concern Monofonus Press drops Irving's golden boy into a video game called Wild Zoo, where you control his fate (i.e., you have to jump a lot), sort of like this past summer's pleasantly perverse Dry Hump: The Game. It's the second interactive game for the label, and an interesting way to change up the format of listening to music.

If you die in the game (there are only three levels), you get to listen to new tracks from his upcoming album, Nightmare on Silly Street, which you should buy for the title alone.

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