Parade of Flesh Has Got a 2012 Deal For You

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King Khan with his apocalypse helmet
If that 2012 movie was right -- and it surely was because, ya know, Hollywood knows science -- then we're all going to die in a spectacularly crappy tidal wave of CGI effects next year. Huzzah. However, that movie came out in 2009. C'mon, Hollywood. We need to be more terrified going into the new year. What should we be fearing??? (Besides this.)

What you should not be fearing is the deal loud music purveyors Parade of Flesh are offering until the end of the week. The first 25 folks to buy a $60 pass get access to all PoF shows in January and February, including King Khan & the Shrines, Craig Finn of the Hold Steady, Los Campesinos!, Zoroaster and more. Plus, they're throwing in some limited edition posters.

Check out the details here and take your mind off imminent apocalypse.

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