NPR Calls John Congleton "Indie Rock's Unsung Hero of 2011"

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They did, right here. And we're inclined to agree. Congleton's been all over DC9 at Night, most recently over the summer when his band the Nighty Nite made its debut with True Widow at the Double Wide. And he's been all over everywhere else too, producing albums for a who's-who of indie artists, as well as being the main force behind St. Vincent's last two stellar albums, 2009's Actor and this year's Strange Mercy.

Still, after reading Michael Katzif's piece, it's sort of astounding Congleton was involved with 20 albums put out this year. Can you think of another producer with that output? Here's to an even more fruitful 2012, and to being a "sung" hero.

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yes, the guy is a great producer. who gives a shit whether or not albums he has produced go on to be big sellers? the stuff John did with the Walkmen last year is just beautiful.

quite a cherry
quite a cherry

and of course they've since gone on to international acclaim, now haven't they? 


Uh, yeah, St. Vincent's new album is on virtually every top 20 for 2011, some @ #1!  Other albums he has recorded or produced including Callahan, Wye Oak, Explosions in the Sky, Astronatilis, This will Destroy, and others are all over the top 50 on every "top" albums of the year list.  Pretty much unbelieveable!

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