Fearless Leader: Rubber Gloves' Josh Baish

Welcome to Local Music 'Mericans, where we get to know the people behind the scenes in Dallas/Fort Worth music.

Josh Baish is the head honcho at Denton's Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, perhaps one of the most important venues in DFW's music scene since opening in 1997. Baish owes its success to the particular chemistry of personalities running the place: He and the staff of RGRS make everything about their building not only functional, but fun.

The common thread in RGRS' staff seems to be wit and charm, with a tireless work ethic thrown in for good measure. More than anything, they share a collective enthusiasm for the talent-strong art and music scene their neighborhood consistently offers. We pick his brain after the jump.

Did you ever think you'd be running a joint like this?
No, but I've been incredibly lucky to have the opportunity.

What would you like to say to all the Dallas and Ft. Worth music folks who whine about Denton being too far a drive?
They're missing out. Sure, the trend for touring bands has gravitated to Dallas over the years, but I think it's still inarguable that Denton consistently produces the best local talent within DFW, year after year.

Running RGRS seems like such a preoccupying experience. When do you find the time to just stand still and absorb a good live show?
All the time! Just part of having a great staff.

What did you pursue on campus? Anything that would point you in the entertainment world's direction?
I started out studying art at University of Tennessee, and then transferred to UNT to study radio, television and film. The only thing that prepared me for what I do now was working at a live music venue and record store. College was of little-to-no help in terms of preparing me, but I'd be lying if I said a few courses in business wouldn't have helped.

Share with us the most fun after-the-doors-are-closed-for-the-night experience with staff and maybe an artist who played there.
Oh, geez. High on Fire and Harvey Milk are two bands that come immediately to mind, and that's about all I can say about that. As far as staff? We always have a good time. Late night sessions with Brent Best or Scott Danbom over some Teenage Fanclub is always entertaining.

Any idea what RGRS' role will be for 35 Denton yet?
I wish I could say, but details are still being planned right now. 35 has always been a great time, and I don't think this year is going to be any different.

Ever consider taking what you do to another level? A label of your own, maybe? Another branch of RGRS somewhere?
Sure, but in all honesty, I'm very fortunate to have what I have now. Maybe in time. We'll see.

How about the best local band you ever heard? One that was good enough to make you take notice amidst the distractions of your job.
So many to name. I'm always blown away by local bands here, I'm regularly caught off guard by just how good they are. Two completely different artists stick out: The first time I heard Sabra Laval perform solo at an open mic night here, I was so impressed with her voice. More recently, Bukkake Moms. They're a young bunch, but it's a special thing when a band stops you dead in your tracks, and makes you think, "What the hell am I listening to?!?!"

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