Desperate Teenage Lovedolls and Bill Hicks This Week

Desperate Teenage Lovedolls is playing at the Texas Theatre tonight? Oh, you should go see it. If not for the stellar line, "Thanks for killing my mom," then for cameos from members of Red Kross and Black Flag, or the truly creepy/ecstatic feel of the early '80s Los Angeles punk scene. Dave Markey's 1984 Super 8 film is crusty with Malibu mansion sweat and Sunset Strip gunk and will look delightfully sleazy look on the big screen. This was Slacker before Slacker. Crazy, right? It's like you just got Inception-ed. 9 p.m.

Speaking of which, on Thursday, fellow Oak Cliff institution the Kessler Theater continues bridging music and comedy by celebrating what would have been satirist emeritus Bill Hicks' 50th birthday with a screening of American: The Bill Hicks Story. Get your dose of societal scuzz and truth; it's the holidays, goddammit.

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