Built to Spill Added to 35 Denton Lineup

Are you ready to fly your flannel flag? Built to Spill, Boise, Idaho's second finest export, were just added to the 35 Denton roster. It's shaping up to be a pretty eclectic one, too -- they join Houston baller Bun B, dub duo Peaking Lights, UK post punks the Raincoats, the Mountain Goats, Thee Oh Sees and more.

Heads up: Today is the last day to buy four-day wristbands for $45. Get on it!

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Chopin Bach-oli
Chopin Bach-oli

no matter what, they're always a great band to see live. i've caught them probably 6 or 7 times and a few of them were off the cuff, where i wasnt totally up to date on their latest album or listened to them for a while.

and every time it was always a lot of fun. similar to MMJ...I missed them here and there, wasn't too into one of the latest albums...but damn, freakin great show.

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