35 Denton Wants To Put You On a Bruise Cruise

Thee Oh Sees will be at 35 Denton after safely making it back to shore
Sure, the concept for Bruise Cruise seems like the script for a low-budget horror movie: Put a bunch of rowdy punk bands on a three-day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas, supply with booze, gambling and buffets, and watch some Lord of the Flies shit go down. Amazingly, all who attended last year's inaugural cruise were accounted for and now even R. Kelly's jumping on the cruisewagon.

Seasickness and food poisoning be damned, this year's lineup looks pretty good. I mean, just the chance of rubbing elbows with Neil Hamburger in international waters is too much to think about. Hey, guess what: 35 Denton's generously offering a discount coupon for the February event, to be redeemed before December 24. Stay tuned for more 35 Denton lineup announcements this week, too.

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