The Complete, More or Less, Collection of Covers Performed By St. Vincent

I hear Pete's gone; wonder if I can be music editor aga ... excuse me, I've just been told: No, no way. Ah. Anyway. Doesn't mean I can't post this playlist that's been sitting on my desktop for way too long: a complete-ish collection of covers performed by St. Vincent, for whom DC9 at Night was quite clearly created.

Some of these covers, most live and all keepers, are familiars -- like, say, Nico's "These Days," one of the first thing I ever owned by Lake Highlands' Own (it dates back to '06). And Clark's been covering the Beatles' "Dig a Pony" since at least '07. But the playlist is estimable and varied (Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Big Black, Brian Eno, INXS, Dolly Parton, Neil Young), as are her collaborators (Beck, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, John Vanderslice). One in a series, word is; collect 'em all.

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Please be the Music Editor again? Pretty Please? Or Hepola?


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Nick R.
Nick R.

LOVE the cover of Dig a Pony.

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