Record Store Day Comes Early This Year as Record Stores Celebrate Black Friday

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If you're reading this blog, it's likely you frequent a record store, and there are several good ones in the area to choose from.  But, if you didn't realize that purchasing music online is a mild sin, and if your record store of choice is the iTunes store or, you might be out of luck finding the perks that certain local brick-and-mortar shops will have on Black Friday this year.

The folks behind Record Store Day, a national holiday that works in tandem with artists to bring business back to actual record stores, are putting on a national Black Friday Record Store Day celebration. As such, they'll have about 50-some-odd exclusive releases that will only be available at participating stores.

Previously unreleased material, rarities and collectibles from Dr. Dog, Beastie Boys, The Black Keys, Fear, Kings Of Leon, Nirvana, Pinback and many more will all be available nationwide local record stores, of which North Texas has several.

Good Records, CD Source, Mad World Records and Forever Young Records will all be participating in the event, each in their own way. Good will have performances from Tracy Shedd and Graceful Exit. CD Source will also have live performances from bands that have not yet been confirmed.

While Bill's Records isn't officially participating, they've mentioned that all records will be 75 percent off for the rest of the year, and $100 gift certificates will cost only $75.

So, don't waste your money buying flat screen televisions at Walmart. Get to one of these stores, and give your money to some local small businesses that always have great, undiscovered music on hand, and some surprisingly dependable stoners behind the counter.

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Good Records

1808 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

CD Source

5500 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX

Category: General

Forever Young Records

2955 S. Highway 380, Grand Prairie, TX

Category: Music

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Lance Price
Lance Price

Thanks for the mention in the article.  The lineup that Darryl listed above is correct. More info including the restaurants participating at CD Source can be found here:

Lance PriceOwner - CD Source


Actually, I think the line up a CD Source is set:

10:00 – Rhonda Nicole and Montrose Cunningham11:00 – Sonya Jevette12:00 – Gaston Light1:00 -- Melani Skybell2:00 –Colin Boyd3:00 – Rahim Quazi4:00 – Tweed EQ5:00 – The Bright

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