Poster Of The Week: A Spune Christmas at Dan's Silverleaf

spune xmas - WEB FRIENDLY.jpg
This week's poster comes to us from artist Scott Spooner, who sends us a quirky take on a Christmas party.

Spune Productions throws some great parties year-round, and the poster for their Christmas party, which will take place on Sunday, December 11, at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton, manages to capture the feeling of the holiday season nicely.

For starters, the lettering on the poster hearkens back to a time during which many of the show's attendees weren't yet born. It's a vintage style -- one that conjures made-up memories of sledding and playing in the snow -- but it also manages to be modern. The flannel shirt which acts as the poster's focal point pokes fun at modern hipster style while embracing the warmth of the cold season.

Also, it offers a great wrapping paper suggestion.

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Joe Bannon
Joe Bannon

the music is most important, not the label or promotion company.


this is a GREAT poster... but "poster of the week"?!

...the event is over two weeks away?

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