Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit Lose Van, Trailer and Gear Over The Weekend

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Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
It was a rough weekend for former Drive-By Trucker Jason Isbell, who along with his band, The 400 Unit, were victims of theft here in Dallas. It wasn't petty either. They lost their van and trailer, which, according to the band's publicist, was sitting outside the Holiday Inn Express by Love Field Airport after the band's performance at The Granada Theater on Friday night.

The trailer stored all the band's instruments and gear, including a red Gretsch set of drums, an upright bass, and a number of other expensive guitars. Luckily, the band is off until after Thanksgiving, and won't need to borrow equipment in the mean time. And, despite the loss, Isbell seems to be in good spirits, posting "I was really hoping I'd eventually get to set fire to that damn van myself," and "Dallas to Nashville. Travelin' light, though not by choice," to his Facebook wall.

The band is asking Dallas folks to be on the lookout for the stolen gear. A list of it follows after the jump.


Update 11/16, 1:51 p.m: According to Jason Isbell's Twitter feed, the van's been found. Details forthcoming.
Jason Isbell's Twitter

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Laura Madere
Laura Madere

Well this sucks! I am really sorry about y'all lost.  I will post this on my blog and pass it on in hopes that people may know something and if not can pass on your list of stolen goods to people they know.  Losing instruments is like losing a loved one, I  know just how bad it is to lose your guitar.   I left mine one night after a gig thinking, some else had put it in already.  Talk about feeling sick, I remembered about 40 minutes down the road.  It felt like I had left my first born child!  I was very lucky and got my baby back within 2 hours.  I sure hope y'all get yours back. Keep us informed please where we can all help if not.Good luck and Happy Holidays, guys!Laura in New OrleansSmartMomsSavingMoney.blogspot....


look like Dallass   needs a new cop shop  everthing bad happens there    gettin robbed so sucks you never get the stuff back and if you do its never right after the bad guys had it  this is a big BUMMER  so sorry for you all.  you still got your talent so you will be ok

Lynn Aldridge
Lynn Aldridge

This list does not do the gear justice. Where's the "sentimental"column?

Suburban Inn
Suburban Inn

Stolen at a Holiday Inn Express near Love Field? I am shocked!! 

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