In Defense of... "Top of the World" by Trey Songz

Along with appearing in the upcoming movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, Trey Songz is coming out with a new album next year tentatively titled Chapter 5. I'm really looking forward to what the Inventor of Sex will invent next.

You see kids, Trey is one of my favorite R&B artists this generation because he represents an endangered form of R&B made of evocative, slow rhythms and refreshingly shameless "sex-you-up, love-you-down" theme. Most other artists in today's scene lay down a sterile dance beat and talk about the dance floor. Trey's just reminding you that your night doesn't have to begin or end in the club.

In his latest single "Top of the World," we get his trademark slow tempo with a biographical twist. His showboating has expanded to talking about his wealth and worldwide success. We also get a new perspective perspective from Trey: nostalgia for his neighborhood.

Of course, Trey still remembers to deploy gaudy lines about women around his philanthropic wishes. (I wanna use you as my hobby, girl) (But you really wan know me/I just wan sex you). As the themes converge, "Top of the World" ends up like a sexy, African-American version of Citizen Kane. I'd watch that movie if I could find it.

While Trey would be better off singing the extended rap verse at the end, this song plays to Trey and his producers' strengths - making the song-craft and lyrics work together to induce warm, funny feelings in the listener.

While I'll probably have a laugh at the average acting and cheesy effects when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D comes out, I'm looking forward to Trey's next album and the a new generation conceived to his music.

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Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson
Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

I love top of the world song and music video. I can't wait to get inevitable as my early Christmas gift and I can't wait to get Chapter 5 next year.... Yay great music coming!!!

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