Come See Reverend Horton Heat at Trees Tomorrow, and Hey, Bring Canned Things

File this under Shows You Should Totally See Because It's For A Really Good Cause and Stuff...

Wednesday, November 23, at Trees, the good ol' Texans Reverend Horton Heat are performing, with Sawd Off Sick and Missile, for a special "Thanks For Giving" Concert.

The good-cause-part: the proceeds are totally going to North Texas Food Bank, and you can dodge that ten dollar ticket  by bringing some awesome canned foods.

So, yeah, before you make the epic journey home to the Land of Turkeyducklambstuffingsauce just make sure you stop by Trees. Hell, if your flight's delayed tonight because of rain, spend the layover in Trees (sounds a lot like an indie film). Or, just drop off some canned goods. You know you have some rattling around in the pantry.

And thanks for giving. See you there?

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2709 Elm St., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

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