10 Cocktail Suggestions While Listening To Dallas Bands

Earlier this week we came across the website, Drinkify, which claims to "generate the perfect cocktail recipe to accompany any music." Naturally, as fans of both music and all types of alcohol, the site proved to be the perfect happy hour time kill.

Our findings?

The site is not only pretty comprehensive -- most local bands we plugged into the engine indeed returned results -- but most were quite apropos as well.

For instance, take "The Salim Nourallah": One bottle red wine. Serve at room temperature. Garnish with an umbrella.

Or "The Toadies": 10 oz. Maker's Mark, 10 oz. 7-Up, 1 oz. Worcestershire sauce. Combine in cocktail glass. Garnish with cocktail onions.

But for every band like Seryn who already have their own concoctions (2 oz. Soju, 2 oz. club soda, 12 oz. Armagnac. Strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with shrimp.) there is a band like The King Bucks that comes up empty. So we thought we'd do our local brethren a solid and submit a few local music-themed cocktails of our own.

"The Spooky Folk"
1 bowl Baptist Punch (2 qt. ginger ale, 2 qt. lime sherbet). Spike with Everclear while nobody is looking. Hide anything sharp. Stir discreetly. Drink quickly.

"The Sealion"
1 oz. Mezcal, ½ oz. Tabasco. Combine in shot glass. Give to an unsuspecting friend.

"The Mark Schectman"
2 oz. vodka, 1 oz. sour apple schnapps. Shake well. Strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

"The King Buck"
8 oz. Kentucky Deluxe whiskey. Take a shot from the bottle. Pour the rest into a flask for after hours drink.

"The Leg Sweeper"
6 oz. Jägermeister poured into a wine glass, 40 oz. malt liquor. Alternate sips and tweet about it each time.

"The galleryCat"
1 oz. Swag. 2 oz. Dope. 2 oz. Dr. Thunder. Blend with ice in highball glass. Garnish with 2 Fresh.

"The Fox and The Bird"
16 oz. Buffalo Trace Bourbon, 16 oz. Southern Comfort, 32 oz. wheatgrass juice. Combine ingredients in fishbowl. Garnish with floating limes (feathers optional). Serve with six straws.

"The Beard of Solis"
3 oz. of premium pomegranate-infused whiskey. Serve neat. Drink while wearing a "Beard of Solis" T-shirt that lets everybody else know what's up.

"The DJ Sober"
3 oz. Red Bull, 3 oz. fancy imported vodka nobody has ever heard of -- or use a bottle of water with a fake label made on Photoshop the night before

"The Preteen Zenith"
12 oz. beer (mostly foam). Dump into pint glass until overflowing.

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these are some great cocktails haha! perfect for the beats...I'm def going to try some of these with the new voli vodka I got.  


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These all look awesome!! I found some great holiday cocktail recipes here: http://bit.ly/szwAlj AND they are low cal!! saving you all the holiday-pudge war hehe ;) enjoyy everyone! 

Jake Fitz
Jake Fitz

Damn I'm kinda surprised none of these mention Voli... i mean low-cal vodka is awesome. You guys should check out their fb page http://on.fb.me/uNsqLZ

Heather Baker
Heather Baker

All these new recipes will be served during my holiday dinner with the family. Addition to that, i am going to add a dash of Voli Vodka for taste enhancement and especially it is low on calories. I picked up my Voli Vodka from my local Sam's Club. I encourage everyone to test it out. Check it out.. http://bit.ly/rugBpD 


I'm going to get crunk on Sealion this weekend!


I believe the Sealion is missing an ounce of scorpion/spider wine.

Gavin Mulloy
Gavin Mulloy

Ummm, Drinkify is WRONG.  The Beard of Solis already exists at Dada and that's not it.


Wow, just checked out the nutrition and calorie facts about voli here http://bit.ly/rVuwQF you are right! such low calories!  Im going to add the lyte flavor to the The Mark Schectman!

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