This Week In Dallas Music History: The 50 Best Premillennial Albums Made In Dallas

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Everyone likes a good list, right?

Long before there were things like page view minimums, lists still existed, though they were fewer in number. But just about two months before Y2K hit, at which point we were to hole up in an underground bunker 'til they could adjust all the world's computers, the Observer put out a doozy of a list.

So, for this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, we look back to this week in 1999, to those fearful, terrible moments before the millennium came to an end, during which time Robert Wilonsky compiled a list of the 50 best albums made in Dallas.

At this point, most of the list is pretty dusty, noting forgotten Dallas albums that have since been forgotten again. There are a few names on the list are still relevant -- Bedhead, Erykah Badu, Toadies, Meat Loaf (just kidding) -- but all of them deserve a Google search. Check out Bobby Patterson's It's Just a Matter of Time.

The entire list follows on the other side.

y2k 1.jpg
Y2K 2.jpg
Y2K 3.jpg
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OK, so someone got a little happy with the paper cutter and lopped off a few words in the margin. Check out the story in the Observer online archives.

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