The Best Story You'll Hear Involving Rhett Miller, The Texas Rangers and The DOMAs.


In case you were wondering, the above tweet from Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller on Saturday afternoon was not a joke. Honestly, we thought it was at first, too. Then we ran into Miller in the backstage area for Saturday's main stage.

"No," he told us, "it's totally true."

Seems the Rangers had inquired about Miller's availability to sing the national anthem earlier on Saturday morning, at which point he had to turn down the team because of his prior engagement with the Old 97's' planned Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase performance.

For a while there, though, it seemed as if he'd be able to make both. His band's set in Deep Ellum wasn't set to start until 7:30 p.m.; Game Six of the American League Championship Series at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington was set to start at 7:05, putting Rhett's anthem take right around the clock strike of 7.

"There was even talk of a helicopter," Miller told us backstage.

Alas, that much never happened.

In other words: The DOMAs did something the Tigers couldn't do on Saturday night; they beat out the Rangers.

Face, Rangers. Face.

Also: Congrats on making it to the World Series.

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does rhett know the words?

Doug in DFW
Doug in DFW

A helicopter would be a welcome break from the cropduster that buzzes the Ballpark for hours before each playoff game.  Hope Rhett can sing @ the World Series - that video montage the Rangers put together of the best regular season moments concludes at #1 w/ the Josh Hamilton walk-off homer.  I prefer the walk-off two weeks later w/ the The Old 97's playing the post-concert in matching Rangers shirts.


no offense to rhett, but jack ingram sounded great.


So, is he gonna do it before Game 3 of the WS instead?

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