Lizard Lounge Announces Headlining DJ Set From Moby For Venue's 20-Year Anniversary

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Moby. So bald right now. Moby.
When the Lizard Lounge's powers-that-be plan anniversary events, clearly, their mind immediately turns to Moby.

Back in 2008, you may recall, when the venue hosted its 10th anniversary party for its annual Meltdown block party, the club enlisted the services of the prominent DJ, musician, producer and noted gearhead.

This week, when the venue announced plans to host a party on Saturday, December 17, to celebrate its 20-year anniversary of existence, it again announced that Moby would headline the affair with a DJ set.

But there's a specific reason he's being brought in this time around, turns out.

"Moby was one of the first major acts to play Lizard Lounge in early 1992," the press release so eloquently states.

More recently, The Bald One performed in town at the 2010 Electric Daisy Carnival at Fair Park. This year, in May, he released his tenth studio full-length, an album called Destroyed., which Moby described in press materials as "broken down melodic electronic music for empty cities at 2 a.m.," mostly because he wrote it during a bought of insomnia.

Either way, a nice get for a venue that's clearly stood the test of time.

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One of the best electronic artists out there. Fuck raver Bullshit


I'm confused ... if the 10th Anniversary was in 2008,  then this would be the 13th anniversary, No ???

suck it up
suck it up

i hate eminem, but not nearly as much as he hates moby...


He "hosted its 10th anniversary party for its annual Meltdown block party..."

The article is in regard to the venue's anniversary...not that event's.

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